Thursday, February 24, 2011

Remove Windows 7 SP1 Backups To Free Up Disk Space

The first service pack for the Windows 7 operating system has been released yesterday (see Windows 7 Service Pack Update Downloads Live) and it seems as if most Windows 7 users did not have troubles installing the update. Service packs are installed with an option to uninstall them again, which is helpful if incompatibilities or stability issues occur after the system has been updated.
Then again, users who have installed the service pack without complications do not necessarily need those backup files that allow them to uninstall the service pack anymore. These users can free up disk space on the Windows partition by deleting the backup files.
I recommend to test the operating system with service pack at least for a few days before you make the decision to delete the backups. Impatient users may create an image of their system partition instead that they can use to restore the system if the need arises to uninstall the service pack after the backup data has been removed from the system.
How much disk space are we talking about? I just made the test on a Windows 7 Professional 64-bit system. The free space increased from 18.9 Gigabytes before the cleanup to 22.2 Gigabytes after. That’s more than 3 Gigabytes of space. It is likely that 32-bit users will be able to free up less space than that due to the nature of their operating system. Still, they will free up Gigabytes as well.
free up disk space windows 7 sp1space after service pack cleanup

Removing Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Backup Files

The easiest way to remove the backup files of the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 installation is the following. Open an elevated command prompt. You do that with a click on the start orb, the selection of All Programs > Accessories, a right-click on Command Prompt and the selection of Run as Administrator.
Use the following command to free up disk space after the service pack installation:
dism /online /cleanup-image /spsuperseded
removing backup files
The process takes a few minutes to complete, it ends with the sentences “Service Pack Cleanup operation completed. The operation completed successfully”.
Please remember that you cannot uninstall the service pack after you have cleaned up the disk space. Please let me know how much disk space you freed up with the command. Source:

Uninstall Windows 7 Service Pack 1

There have not been many complaints yet from users who have installed the service pack update on their Windows PCs. Still, there are always some cases where users want to uninstall the update again, likely because it is causing instabilities or other problems on the system that were not experienced before.
Those users need to uninstall the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 to restore the old state of the system prior to the update.
The Control Panel provides access to the easiest service pack uninstallation option.
Users need to click on the Start orb on the taskbar and select Control Panel from the options. The uninstallation applet is available under Programs > Uninstall a program, or if all apples are displayed at once under Programs and Features.
Locate the View installed updates link in the left sidebar and click it to open the list of updates that have been installed on the computer system.
view installed updatesview installed updates
Windows displays a list of all updates that have been installed on the system. The service pack is basically nothing more than a larger update. Locate the Service Pack for Microsoft Windows (KB976932) entry under Microsoft Windows. This is the Windows 7 Service Pack 1. To uninstall it select it with a left-click and click the Uninstall link to uninstall it. you need to confirm your selection and restart the computer after the uninstallation process has finished.
uninstall windows 7 sp1
The uninstallation removes the service pack from the operating system.
Some users may not be able to uninstall the program via the Control Panel applet. This is for instance the case if the service pack installation corrupted the system.
It is then possible to use the command prompt to try and uninstall the service pack. An elevated command prompt is required. To get there, users need to click on the start orb, then All Programs > Accessories, and right-click on the Command Prompt entry there and select Run as administrator.
They then need to use the following command to uninstall the service pack again:
wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:976932
A confirmation is again required before the service pack is uninstalled by Windows.
System restore, or previously created backups, are another alternative if they have been created before the service pack was installed on the Windows 7 system. Source:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Language software

All Free Dictionaries
A very large number of online and downloadable free dictionaries.
AllWords.comSpecify a word in English, Dutch, French, Italian or Spanish, and translate it simultaneously into Dutch, French, English, Italian and Spanish. Also: links for creative writing, crosword puzzles, writing tools ,thesauri, slang, quotations, translation services, etc.
Cambridge Dictionaries
Free online dictionaries: English, American English, Idioms, French-English-French, Spanish-English-Spanish, etc.
croDict.comOnline Croation to/from German dictionary.
Etymology DictionaryOnline Etymology Dictionary. Etymologies are explanations of what words meant and how they sounded hundreds of years ago.
EurodictOnline English-Bulgarian, German-Bulgarian, Italian-Bulgarian, Spanish-Bulgarian, French-Bulgarian, Greek-Bulgarian, Turkish-Bulgarian, Turkish-English, Turkish-German, Turkish-French and Bulgarian Encyclopedic Dictionary.
Foreignword.comOnline dictionaries for a multitude of languages, and free translation tools.
LangservicesFree online Cambridge dictionaries, Merriam-Websters Dictionary and Merriam-Websters Thesaurus. Note: scroll to bottom of home page to reach the dictionary input form.
LEOExcellent online dictionary for German-English-German (University of Munich).
OneLookMeta-dictionary. Enter any word in any language. OneLook will give you the results of a large number of online resources ordered by dictionary, language and dictionary-type (such as medicine, computing).
Open DictionaryA collaborative project to produce a freely accessible multilingual dictionary in every language, with meanings, etymologies and pronunciations.
RealDictionary.comFree online dictionaries for English, French, German, Italian, Latin, Portuguese and Spanish. Also: US Cities, Zip codes, counties.
The Free DictionaryFree online dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus.
TravLangA large number of online dictionaries: German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Latin, Finnish, Norwegian, Frisian, Afrikaans, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Esperanto, Turkish.
Furthermore: Arabic, Bulgarian, Greek, Korean, Latvian, Farsi, Romanian, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak, Yiddish.
TU-ChemnitzExcellent free online English-German dictionary. Translation from English to German and vice versa. Also: explanations, synonyms, proverbs, aphorisms, quotations.
WiktionaryFree multi-lingual online dictionary.
WordReference.comOnline dictionaries: English to/from Spanish, French, Italian; also: English and Spanish definitions, Portuguese to/from Spanish.
YourDictionary.comEnglish -> French
English -> Spanish
English -> German
English -> Italian
English -> Portuguese
French -> English
Spanish -> English
German -> English
Italian -> English
Portuguese -> English
Also: Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, courses, glossaries, abbreviations, grammar guides, etc.
ZebraWords.comOnline meta-dictionary and thesaurus for the english language. Also: online translation of words from and to a large number of other languages.
Free downloadable Dictionaries
Koral dictionariesFree dictionaries (Windows) for download:
More (non-free): more extended dictionaries, talking dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.
ebswift.comFreeware WordNet based dictionaries for PC, Pocket PC, Smartphone, as well as an online dictionary. Features include wildcard, anagram, regular expression, scrabble and "sounds like". Other features include full word hyperlinking, extensive word relations, and the ability to restrict searches to scrabble allowed words (scrabble allowed words is a list of over 209,000 words).
Free English online dictionaries
Dictionary.comFree online English dictionary and meta search engine.
FindTheWord.infoA search engine for English words. All searches are made in a dictionary containing more than 460,000 English words. Also: partial words, anagrams, palindromes, words in word, word bridge, and more.
Merriam-Webster OnLineFree online English thesaurus, dictionary and unabridged dictionary.
Thesaurus.comFree online English thesaurus.
wordthrill.comFree searchable English dictionary with over 200,000 word definitions and list of their synonyms.
Free Specialized online Dictionaries
ASL BrowserExtensive American Sign Language dictionary. For each letter, word or phrase it will play a short movie showing you how it is signed.
ASL PRO.comAmerican sign language dictionary. For each word in the dictionary a short movie is available.
Financial Glossary
Free business dictionary. More than 6,000 entries with 15,000 links
Construction GlossaryConstruction Glossary from the "Home Building Manual".
Dictionary of Algorithms
and Datastructures
Specialized free computing dictionary of algorithms, data structures, etc.
Dictionary of
Automotive Terms
15,000 words and expressions for automobiles, bicycles, motorcycles, engines, and boats. Free.
Esaurus.orgEnglish-Chinese medical dictionary.
FiDict.comOnline financial dictionary, containing over 5000 terms. Additionally, is able to translate between English and Dutch.
Free online dictionary
of Computing
Free general dictionary of computing terms (hardware, software, theory, etc.).
Genealogy GlossaryWhen tracing an ancestry it is common to encounter records filled with obsolete, archaic, or legal terms that can be difficult to interpret. This glossary can help. Free.
InvestorWords.comFree financial glossary with over 6,000 definitions and 20,000 links.
Noslang.comInternet Slang Dictionary and Translator.
Soap Making DictionaryA collection of terms, definitions and acronyms related to the art of soap making.
Sports GlossariesFree online dictionaries on Archery, Auto Racing, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Bobsledding, Bowling,etc.
Stedmans Medical
Free online medical dictionaries.
UK Dictionary of SlangFree. English slang and colloquialisms used in the United Kingdom.
Non-free online dictionaries
DorlandsOnline illustrated medical dictionary for healthcare professionals.
Oxford English DictionaryFamous and respected dictionary, for professionals. US$550 subscription fee per year.
Free Thesauri
Thesaurus.comFree online English thesaurus.
WordWebFree and non-free thesauri for which can be used in combination with any Windows program.
MobysaurusFree English thesaurus and dictionary powered by Moby Thesaurus II, Roget's Thesaurus, Collaborative International Dictionary of English, and WordNet.
Thesauri by LanguageThesauri on the Web, classified by language.
Thesauri by SubjectThesauri on the Web, classified by subject.
Free Translation tools
BabelfishAutomatically translates short texts and entire Web pages from one laguage to another. Currently supported translations:
English to Chinese, English to French, English to German, English to Italian, English to Japanese, English to Korean, English to Portuguese, English to Spanish, Chinese to English, French to English, French to German, German to English, German to French, Italian to English, Japanese to English, Korean to English, Portuguese to English, Russian to English, Spanish to English.
FreeTranslation.comFree automatic translation to/from English, Portuguese, Chinese, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Italian, etc.
Google translateGoogle's free automatic language translation service instantly translates text and web pages. This translator supports a multitude of languages."World Of Translators". Free automatic online text translation for English, German, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and French.
Free Spellcheckers
Spellcheck.netFree online spellchecker. Just copy/paste your text into the form (up to 5000 characters) and press 'spellcheck text'.
Learn languages for free
EasyPortuguesePortuguese lessons, useful phrases, audio samples, vocabulary, alphabeth, etc.
InterlexA free Windows application that can help you learn vocabulary in a foreign language. The program is built around a simple idea: first you compile a list of words and phrases, then you test yourself until you have learnt them.
Learn a Language on YouTubeA selection of YouTube videos to help you learn a foreign language, especially if you are at the beginning stages.
Learn Mandarin Chinese25 free online Mandarin Chinese lessons.
UsingEnglish.comProvides a large collection of English as a Second Language (ESL) tools & resources such as: a grammar glossary and references of irregular verbs, phrasal verbs and idioms, ESL forums, articles, teacher handouts and printables, links and information.
Various Language resources
Acronym FinderFree. Comprehensive database of acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms. 253,000+ definitions. An acronym is a pronounceable word formed from each of the first letters of a descriptive phrase. An acronym is actually a type of abbreviation.
World Oral
Literature Project
Database of around 3000 endangered and extinct languages.
AnagramsFree. Returns a list of anagrams for any word you type in. An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. For exampe, Elvis to Lives.
Free Language HelpdeskFree helpdesk for language related matters by
NearRhyme.comFind near rhymes and alliterations.
OmniglotWriting systems and languages of the world.
RhymeZoneFind rhymes, synonyms, antonyms, definitions, related words, similar sounding words, homophones; match consonants and letters; check spelling, etc.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Create Abby Lingvo DSL Dictionary (for use with Goldendict)

Let us create a simple DSL dictionary. We will name it "My first dictionary". This will be an English-Russian dictionary which will contain one card. The card will translate the phrase "my first dictionary" from English into Russian.
You can create a DSL dictionary file in any text editor. We recommend using Notepad for the purpose.
1. Create a new text file in Notepad or any other text editor. At the very beginning of the new text document, enter the header for the new dictionary. You can copy the header from this example and then paste it into your document:
#NAME "My first dictionary"
The codes #NAME, #INDEX_LANGUAGE, and #CONTENTS_LANGUAGE must begin a new line each. These codes are followed by one blank space and some text in inverted commas. This text must be provided by the user and means the following. "My first dictionary" is the name of your new dictionary, "English" is the source language of your new dictionary, and "Russian" is its target language.
2. Now write the text of your new dictionary card. Every dictionary card must have a headword and body. A headword is a word or expression to be translated. It must always be placed at the start of a line (i.e. there must be no other characters or spaces on this line preceding the headword). The body of the card contain a translation, comments, notes or any other information you may wish to include. The body of the card must be placed below the headword and be preceded with a blank space (inserted by pressing the Space button) or a tabulation symbol (inserted by pressing the Tab button). This will enable Lingvo to distinguish the headword from the body text.
3. Save the dictionary file in Unicode encoding (in the Save As… dialog box, select Unicode in the Encoding dropdown list) and name the file FirstDictionary. Close Notepad or any other text editor you may have used.
4. Change the extension of the text file to .dsl. (If you do not see the extension of the file, in Windows Explorer, go to Tools>Folder Options, click the View tab and clear the box nest to "Hide extensions for known file types".)
5. Launch DSL Compiler (Start>All Programs>ABBYY Lingvo 12>DSL Compiler 12).
6. In the DSL Compiler dialog box that opens, under the Source file properties group, browse to the file FirstDictionary.dsl, which contains the dictionary you created and select the Unicode option below.
Make sure that the Create dictionary ready for indexing option is selected. With this option selected, DSL Compiler will automatically add the necessary markup to the dictionary (otherwise, this markup must be added manually by the user when creating the text file). Also make sure that the Create error log file (*.dde) option is selected.
7. Click Compile. If the compilation is successful, the About Dictionary dialog box will open saying that the dictionary has been created successfully. Two files will be created as a result of compilation: a dictionary file called FirstDictionary.lsd and a file called FirstDictionary.dde which logs any errors detected during the compilation.
What shall I do if during the compilation I receive the massage saying that the annotation file was not found?
What shall I do if the program fails to compile the dictionary?
8. Add the dictionary to ABBYY Lingvo (Tools>Add Dictionaries… or simply drag and drop the *.lsd file onto the Lingvo Bookshelf).
You have just created your first dictionary, which contains one card, i.e. one dictionary entry. Now that you get the idea how the DSL language and DSL Compiler work, you can start creating larger dictionaries to use in your work and study.
If you compare this sample dictionary with any of the dictionaries supplied with Lingvo, you will notice that the sample card is much less informative: it includes no pronunciation, examples, comments, etc. However, the DSL language allows you to create dictionaries whose appearance and capabilities are similar to the Lingvo dictionaries.
In your new dictionaries you can:
?? highlight fragments of text in colour, change fonts to bold, italics or underlined by using special DSL tags
?? mark different zones in dictionary cards
?? add links to other dictionary cards and links to Web sites
?? create an icon to be displayed on the Lingvo Bookshelf
?? add pictures and sound to dictionary cards
?? and much more… - The Web site of the Lingvo Dictionary Association offering a vast collection of free additional dictionaries for Lingvo.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

How to prepare files for ContextTM / PerfectMatch in Trados

Sometimes you need to prepare ttx files for ContextTM / PerfectMatch processing. Since the freelance edition of Trados 2006 / 2007 does not allow this, there is a workaround: open the ttx files in a unicode text editor, for instance Notepad++, and replace <Tu MatchPercent="100"> with <Tu Origin="xtranslate" MatchPercent="100">.

Example of 100 % units:
<Tu MatchPercent="100"><Tuv Lang="DE-DE">AC/DC Converter</Tuv><Tuv Lang="RO-RO">Convertor AC/DC</Tuv></Tu>
Example of ContextTM / PerfectMatch units:
<Tu Origin="xtranslate" MatchPercent="100"><Tuv Lang="DE-DE">AC/DC Converter</Tuv><Tuv Lang="RO-RO">Convertor AC/DC</Tuv></Tu>