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Useful links for translators

General Monolingual

  1. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
  2. Collins English Dictionary British and American English
  3. Coloquialmente glosario sobre el español coloquial
  4. Diccionario Clave diccionario de uso del español actual
  5. Diccionario panhispánico de dudas (DPD)
  6. Dictionary.com
  7. Dirae Diccionario inverso by the Real Academia Española
  8. DRAE Diccionario de la lengua española by the Real Academia Española
  9. Duden Wörterbuch online
  10. Fine Dictionary definitions from 4 dictionaries, example sentences, facts, quotations, idioms, etc.
  11. The Free Dictionary
  12. Fundéu BBVA Fundación del Español Urgente (buen uso del español en los medios de comunicación)
  13. Glossaries by EU Institutions and Bodies (TermCoord)
  14. Glossaries from EU Institution and Bodies (TermCoord)
  15. Glossarissimo Monolingual & Multilingual resources & terminology
  16. Goodrae diccionario hipertextual, lematizado y con búsqueda inversa
  17. Jergas de habla hispana
  18. Larousse Dictionnaire de Français
  19. Macquarie Dictionary Australian dictionary and thesaurus (free trial)
  20. Merriam Webster
  21. OneLook Dictionary
  22. The Online Slang Dictionary
  23. Oxford English Dictionary (subscription required – can be accessed with UK library card)
  24. Oxford Reference (subscription required – can be accessed with UK library card)
  25. TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus (free software to download)
  26. Vocabulary.com a dictionary that includes a section called The Challenge to help you learn difficult words
  27. Wordnik definitions, examples ad related words
  28. WordWeb English Dictionary and Thesaurus (free and paid software to download)
  29. 3000+ Translation Glossaries List created by Inbox Translation

General Multilingual

  abcXXL Online Dictionary be, de, en, et, fr, ga, lt, lv, pl, ru, sv, ukAcademic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias searches several resourcesAcademic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias German version of the aboveBab.la 28 languagesBabylon Dictionary ar, de, el, en, fr, he, it, nl, zh (can also be downloaded)Beolingus de-en-es-ptCollins Dictionaries de, en, es, fr and itDiccionari de la Llengua Catalana ca, de, en, es, frDiccionario Argentino-Españoldict.cc English-German and Multilingual DictionaryDudario General Servicio de Traducción al Español (Naciones Unidas)Duden de-en dictionaryEnciclopedia.cat Catalan-Spanish and Catalan-English dictionaries and moreEuroTermBank multiple languagesEuskalterm Basque public term bank en-es-eu-frEverest Dictionary 37 dictionary databases (free software to download)Forvo pronunciation dictionaryGlosbe the multilingual online dictionaryGlossaries by EU Institutions and Bodies (TermCoord)Glossaries from EU Institution and Bodies (TermCoord)Glossarissimo Monolingual & Multilingual resources & terminologyGlossaryLinks (TermCoord) search tool to find glossary you need from database of nearly 2,500 glossariesGoldenDict dictionary lookup program (software)Granada University en<>es DictionaryGuidelines for contractors translating into English European CommissionIATE InterActive Terminology for Europe. The database can also be downloaded.Larousse Dictionnaires Bilingues fr-ar, fr-de, fr-en, fr-es, fr-it, fr-zhLDLP Dictionary ar and es, es, fr, deLe grand dictionnaire terminologiqueLemma.com Over 80 dictionaries, several languages (subscription required, free trial available)LEO de-en, de-es, de-fr, de-it, de-pl, de-pt, de-ru, de-zhLexicool Bilingual and multilingual dictionariesLinguatools de-cs, de-da, de-el, de-en, de-es, de-fr, de-it, de-nl, de-pl, de-pt, de-ro, de-svLingueeMagic Search search multiple sources (dictionaries, corpora, MT engines, search engines) with one clickMicrosoft Language PortalMultilingual Search Interfaces for TranslatorsMultitran ru and af, de, en, es, et, fr, it, ja, lv, nl, xalMy MemoryOxford Dictionaries (log in with UK library card for full access)Oxford Language Dictionaries (subscription required)Proz.com Term SearchReverso Context translation in contextReverso Dictionary ar-de-en-es-fr-he-it-ja-ko-nl-pl-pt-ru-zhSpanish Central by Merriam-Webster – translation with word-by-word breakdownSpanish Translator Services Several links to glossaries & dictionariesTatoeba collection of sentences and translationsTEPA Term Bank Finnish Terminology Center TSK en, fi, svTermCoord Glossary Links – European Parliament Terminology CoordinationTermium PlusTermSciences multidisciplinary terminological portal de-en-es-frTradooit en-fr, en-es, es-en, es-fr, fr-en, fr-esTranslators Cafe TCTerms QuestionsUNTERM United Nations Multilingual Terminology DatabaseVisual DictionaryWiktionaryWIPO Pearl WIPO’s multilingual terminology portalWord Hippo several languages, plus similar, opposite & rhyming words, etc.Word Magic es-en onlyWord ReferenceWordFinder (subscription required to access 120 dictionaries in 15 languages)WörterbuchnetzWoxikon Multilingual dictionary & synonym database (8 European languages)


  1. Art in Translation translated articles on Taylor & Francis Online
  2. CAMEO Conservation & Art Materials Encyclopedia Online – Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  3. Getty Search Gateway
  4. Glosario Gráfico es-ca-en-fr-it-pt
  5. Google Cultural Institute
  6. WikiArt the encyclopedia of painting


  1. Business Dictionary

Construction and Architecture

  1. About Dams The British Dam Society
  2. Carreteros detailed info on roads in Spanish
  3. Construpedia includes ca-es-en dictionary
  4. Diccionario de Arquitectura y Construcción
  5. Dictionary of Construction
  6. Dictionary of Military Architecture
  7. Glosario para Ingenieros Civiles es-en
  8. Glossary of Roofing Terms
  9. The Great Buildings Collection
  10. Infomine Mining dictionary, several languages
  11. Mortar and ETICS Dictionary several languages
  12. Paving Expert A Guide to Paving, Drainage & Hard-Landscaping
  13. Términos de Carreteras es only
  14. Urban Conservation Glossary
  15. Water & Wastewater Treatment Technology lessons by Rosa-lee Cooke
  16. Water UK Jargon Buster

Environment and Earth Science

  Climate Change Glossary ca-gl-es-en-it-fr-ro-ptEarth and Environment GlossariesEnvironmental Terminology and Discovery Service European Environment Agency (28 languages)GEMET Thesaurus General Multilingual Environmental ThesaurusGeology Dictionary and Earth Science Terms and DefinitionsGlosario de Geología RACEFNGlosario de GreenFacts es-en/frGlossary of Soil TermsSoil MechanicsVocabulario Forestal gl-es-enWorld Reference Base for Soil Resources  Fashion and Textiles Glossary of Pattern Design by ArtlandiaOnline Textile Dictionary several languages Finance Deloitte’s IAS Plus websiteDiccionario Económico es onlyDictionary of Banking (UBS) en-de-fr-itFinancial Times LexiconGlossary of Economics and Trade (Babel Linguistics Inc) en-esGlossary of Stock Market Terms (Nasdaq)Glossary on Trade Financing Terms of International Trade Centre (ITC) – en-fr-esIFRS Glossary International Financial Reporting StandardsIMF (International Monetary Fund) glossaries: en and ar, de, es, fr, ja, pt, ru, zhInvestopedia en onlyLinguaFin multilingual financial termbase (subscription only)Money Terms: investment & finance explainedWorld Bank Glossary en-es, es-en (PDF)World Bank Glossary en-fr, fr-en (PDF)
Food and Agriculture AGROVOC multilingual agricultural thesaurus of the UN’s FAOEFSA Glossary European Food Safety Authority Health Wordscope Health Information Technology Microsoft Terminology Search multiple languagesTechnopedia technology dictionary (comprehensive computer dictionary)Webopedia online computer and Internet terms dictionaryWhatIs.com IT encyclopedia

Insurance and Real Estate

  1. Diccionario Mapfre de Seguros es-en
  2. Glossary of Insurance and Risk Management Terms
  3. Lloyd’s Glossary of insurance-related terms
  4. Real Estate Glossary


  1. Definición Legal
  2. EUR-Lex Access to European Union Law
  3. Law Insider contract database and search engine
  4. Summaries of EU Legislation
  5. Wordscope Legal


  Renewable Energy
  1. Solar PV Glossary by In Balance Energy
  2. Vocabulario Técnico de Energías Renovables (PDF) en-es


  Diccionario de la Real Academia de IngenieríaDiccionario del Agua AguamarketDiccionario politécnico de las lenguas española e inglesa, Volume 1Diccionario técnico: inglés-españolDIN-TERM Online de-en-fr-plElectrician Certification Glossary of Terms en-esElectropedia: The World’s Online Electrotechnical Vocabulary – several languagesEngineering Definitions by EPC EngineerGlosario de Términos de la Industria Metalgráfica El Mundo de la Lata es-esHVAC Dictionary several languagesHVAC Glossary of TermsIndoor Air Quality GlossaryIndustry Terms by EIC (Energy Industries Council)International System of Units NIST referenceOBP Online Browsing Platform of ISO standardsPulp and Paper DictionaryTerminologia UPCTERM ca-en-es-frTerminology of Telecommunications including links to other useful resourcesTérminos en la Industria Metalgráfica by El Mundo de la Lata en-esTérminos en la Industria Metalgráfica by El Mundo de la Lata es-en


  1. Cycling Glossary: The Language of Our Sport Finish Line
  2. Glossary of Cycling Terms Century Cycles

Tourism and Travel

  1. Hotel Revenue Glossary of Terms
  2. Hotel Revenue Management Glossary
  3. Revenue Management Terms
  4. Wordscope Travel


  1. Diccionario del Vino La Vinoteca
  2. The Super Gigantic Y2K Winegrape Glossary Anthony J. Hawkins on Wine Lovers
  3. Wine Glossary Flora’s Table
  4. Wine Glossary Wine and Moore
  5. Wine Glossary of Terms The Wine Cellar Insider


  1. Collocations Dictionary
  2. DiCE Diccionario de Colocaciones del Español
  3. Dictionnaire des Collocations
  4. Dictionnaire des Cooccurrences
  5. Online Collocation Dictionary
  6. Ozdic collocation dictionary


  1. A Collection of English Corpora
  2. AntConc freeware corpus analysis toolkit for concordancing and text analysis by Laurence Anthony
  3. BootCaT Bootstrap Corpora and Terms from the Web
  4. BMH Corpus Portal corpora of biomedical and health literature
  5. British National Corpus
  6. British Parliament (Hansard) Corpus
  7. BYU-BNC British National Corpus
  8. BYU Wikipedia Corpus YouTube Overview of this corpus
  9. COCA The Corpus of Contemporary American English
  10. COHA The Corpus of Historical American English
  11. CORDE Corpus Diacrónico del Español by the Real Academia Española
  12. Corpus.BYU.EDU Corpora created by Mark Davies, BYU
  13. Corpus of Canadian English (Strathy)
  14. Corpus del español siglos XIII-XX
  15. Corpus del español del siglo XXI
  16. CREA Corpus de Referencia del Español Actual by the Real Academia Española
  17. GloWbe Corpus of Global Web-based English
  18. Google Books American, British and Spanish
  19. Google Books Ngram Viewer displays graph showing how phrases have occurred in a corpus of books
  20. Google Scholar
  21. IntelliText Intelligent Tools for Creating and Analysing Electronic Text Corpora for Humanities Research by CTS (University of Leeds)
  22. International Corpus of English
  23. PERC Corpus Online academic journal texts compiled as part of Professional English Research Consortium project
  24. The Sketch Engine – Corpus Query System (subscription required)
  25. Springer Exemplar discover how a particular term or phrase is used in scientific literature
  26. TIME Magazine corpus 1923-2006
  27. WebCorp
  Digital Journals
  1. AERA Open American Educational Research Association – articles on education
  2. DOAJ Directory of Open Access Journals – an online directory
  3. Google Scholar
  4. JoSTrans The Journal of Specialised Translation
  5. JSTOR Journal Storage, a digital library (subscription required to access most content)
  6. Redalyc Red de Revistas Científicas de América Latina y el Caribe, España y Portugal
  7. SAGE Open articles on social and behavioural sciences and humanities
  8. Springer journals, books, series, protocols and reference works
  9. Taylor & Francis Online includes Routledge (advanced search & often pay per article)
  10. Translation a transdisciplinary journal (subscription required)

Digital Libraries

  1. Bartleby.com free access to books and information on the Web
  2. Biblioteca Digital Hispánica Biblioteca Nacional de España
  3. COPAC UK and Irish academic, national and specialist library catalogues
  4. The European Library
  5. Google Books
  6. HathiTrust Digital Library a partnership of academic and research institutions
  7. Internet Archive non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, etc.
  8. Issuu digital publishing platform for magazines, catalogues, newspapers and other publications
  9. Media History Digital Library
  10. Scribd e-books, audiobooks, comics and documents (subscription required; 30-day free trial)
  11. Virtual Library of Musicology


  1. Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias searches several resources
  2. Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias German version of the above
  3. Encyclopaedia Britannica (subscription required – can be accessed with UK library card)
  4. Larousse Encylopédie
  5. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
 Style Guides
  1. ABC Radio National Style Guide Australian Usage
  2. Academic Writing Style Birmingham City University
  3. Academic Writing Style Monash University
  4. The ACS Style Guide (pay to view)
  5. APA Style
  6. Apple Style Guide
  7. The Associated Press (AP) Stylebook
  8. BBC News Style Guide links to a page where you can download a Word copy (PDF copy link)
  9. Bristol University
  10. The California State University Branding Standards Guide
  11. The Canadian Style
  12. Chicago Manual of Style
  13. Cite It In generates citations for APA, MLA and Chicago systems
  14. EASE Guidelines for Authors and Translators of Scientific Articles to be Published in English free PDFs in multiple languages
  15. The Economist Style Guide
  16. English Style Guide – European Commission A handbook for authors and translators
  17. Eurofound Style Guide European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions
  18. European Union Interinstitutional Style Guide
  19. Government Digital Service Style Guide for all content published on GOV.UK
  20. GPO Style Manual United States Government Publishing Office
  21. Guardian and Observer Style Guide
  22. Harvard Citations Skills@Library – Leeds University
  23. Harvard Referencing System Staffordshire University (PDF downloads)
  24. Harvard System Anglia Ruskin University (includes PDF download)
  25. Harvard style reference lists and bibliographies Skills@Library – Leeds University
  26. Microsoft Style Guides available in multiple languages for download
  27. MLA Formatting and Style Guide Purdue University
  28. National Geographic Style Manual
  29. Online Stylebooks search entries in several stylebooks
  30. Plain Language Commission
  31. The Reuters Style Guide
  32. SYbIL Style Guide Spanish Yearbook of International Law
  33. Tameri Guide for Writers Stylebook US usage
  34. Telegraph Style Book
  35. Twentieth Century British History Oxford Journals
  36. United Nations Editorial Manual Online
  37. University of Technology Sydney Publications Style Guide
  38. V&A Style Guide for Gallery Texts
  39. Vancouver Citing and Referencing Style Imperial College
  40. Wikipedia Manual of Style
  41. World Bank Translation Style Guide
  42. The Yahoo! Style Guide


  1. Babylon Thesaurus
  2. Collins Thesaurus
  3. Diccionario de sinónimos en español
  4. Diccionario de Sinónimos y Antónimos
  5. Diccionario de sinónimos y antónimos WordReference
  6. Diccionario de sinónimos y antónimos Busca Palabra
  7. Ideas Afines ideas, palabras, conceptos y términos relacionados
  8. Power Thesaurus crowdsourced thesaurus built by a community of writers
  9. TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus (free software to download)
  10. Thesaurus.com
  11. Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus
  12. UNBIS Thesaurus United Nations Bibliographical Information System
  13. UNESCO Thesaurus English, French, Russian and Spanish
  14. Urban Thesaurus
  15. UK Archival Thesaurus
  16. Word Hippo similar or opposite words
  17. WordWeb English Dictionary and Thesaurus (free and paid software to download)

Other Links of Interest

  1. ABYZ News Links
  2. Acronym Finder
  3. Alt Codes list of Alt key codes, symbols and characters
  4. Answer the Public free visual keyword research tool
  5. Camtasia computer screen recorder and video editor
  6. Canva design program
  7. Committee on Publication Ethics COPE
  8. Copyscape plagiarism checker
  9. Dictionary and Reference Board on ProZ.com
  10. Easy Word Count for counting words and characters
  11. Forebears search for genealogical records and meanings & distribution of surnames
  12. Good Gopher search engine for independent news and information
  13. How Many Syllables
  14. HTTrack Website Copier for extracting website content (free)
  15. IntelliWebSearch searches in search engines, online dictionaries & encyclopedias (two-month free trial; cost from €25 for 12 months)
  16. Internet Movie Database IMDb
  17. ISO Language Codes
  18. Language Database by Herman Boel
  19. Natural Reader free text to speech reader
  20. Netflix for films and TV programmes
  21. Our World in Data research and data visualisation of worldwide human civilisation
  22. Ratatype learn touch typing
  23. Summary of Intellectual Property Rights The UK Copyright Service
  24. TerminoTrad includes Lazyterm, Translation Memories, Serendipity and much more by Roger McKeon
  25. Windows – Alt Key Codes


  1. Interpreter’s Help glossary and assignment management
  2. Intragloss glossary-building tool
  3. Speechpool speeches to help interpreters practise


  1. BuyMeOnce a site combating our throwaway culture with info on products built to last
  2. Sleepyti.me helps you calculate when you should go to bed based on 90-min sleep cycle & average time to fall asleep of 15 mins
  3. The Minimalists a site for clearing the physical and emotional clutter from our lives
  4. Workrave program that can help prevent RSI by telling you when to have a break
  5. Zero Waste Home Office tips to refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot

Productivity, Project & Time Management

  1. BaccS project management software for translators available in several languages ($75)
  2. Best Productivity Apps and Tools Open Colleges
  3. Bloglovin’ tool for managing blog feeds
  4. e.ggtimer.com Pomodoro, countdown, etc.
  5. Evernote for collecting and sharing ideas
  6. Focus Booster time tracker for productivity with pomodoro timer (free 30-day trial; cost from $3/month)
  7. Insightly CRM and project management (free option)
  8. KanbanFlow project management with real-time team collaboration & Pomodoro time tracking (free option)
  9. Marinara Timer Pomodoro, custom timer, kitchen timer
  10. MindReader for Outlook email assistance (free 10-day trial)
  11. Podio customisable work management (cost from $9/month)
  12. Remember the Milk to-do app for busy people (pro version costs $39.99/year)
  13. RescueTime time management tracker app (free and premium versions)
  14. Timesheet by LlamaLab for tracking work time and documenting projects
  15. Toggl time tracker (free 30-day trial; cost from $10/month)
  16. Tomato Timer Pomodoro
  17. Trello project management app
  18. Unroll.me helps clean inbox by identifying subscription emails
  19. Zoho operating system for business (free option)

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