Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sites for translation jobs

Translia Translia
Translia is an innovative online translation service that brings more jobs to translators and helps them do better and quicker translation with Internet technology. It secures payment to translators by requesting clients to deposit escrow. The best is the clients pay Translia for the service so translators don't have to.
Just register, set up the profile, and you will get notifications when there are jobs matching your profile - click the link above or paste it into the address bar of your browser to start!
I noticed one interesting paradox on the first page of this site. It claims that customers might get free translations and that same time it states that being a member of this site earns you good money. Well well well...

Tomedes Text Solutions Tomedes
When you work through Tomedes, they take care of the details so you can focus on your core business - translation. They manage project negotiations and communications issues that take you away from your work and waste your valuable time. As a translation provider, you will find a good selection of jobs at Tomedes.com, and you can be confident of guaranteed payment for your work.

Freelancer Support Freelancer support
Freelancer support is a translation portal that provides translators with translation jobs and freelance work. Agencies and customers looking for freelance translation may post their freelance jobs for free or buy the freelancersupport database of freelance translators.

Translators Town www.translatorstown.com
Johan Ericsson reports: I have just found a new website on Google and got a job very quickly, have a look at their website (www.translatorstown.com), it is free to register and bid, they are new though but I never got a job from the older ones like translatorsbase or aquarius.net.
Thanks for the tip Johan!

Translationbank Translationbank
Translationbank is yet another free jobsite for language professionals

Meet Translators Meet Translators
Meet Translators free site for professional translators and others in the language industry

Trally.com trally.com
Some people find trally.com great. I have never got any job from this site though. It operates with 3 membership levels, which are priced at the same level as other sites. The first level is free so why not give it a try?

TranslationDirectory Translation Directory
The Translation Directory has yet another business model, you only pay once to buy a database of translation agencies. However, you pay a lot more and then you will have the added cost to buying updates. The site has other good tools you can use such as black lists etc. Nevertheless, you can buy agency addresses and get a years membership at other job sites much cheaper.

Translator's Corner www.translatorscorner.com
At Translator's Corner they've developed new technology and a new system to help you conduct business safely and quickly. Their claim is "When working with us, you will never have to worry about getting paid again". Check them out at www.translatorscorner.com. Membership is absolutely free.
Their creed: "Freelance translation the way it should be: If you don't get paid, we don't get paid."

Usenet Newsgroup
Ideally you need access to a news server, but if you don't have that you can subscribe thru Google Groups. In the newsgroups sci.lang.translation and sci.lang.translation.markedplace you can promote yourself and your services as well as finding contracts. Usenet newsgroups are free for everyone and has a lot of traffic, they provide an excellent alternative to the subscriptionbased jobsites

Translators Cafe Translators Cafe
Translators Cafe is nice and fast jobsite. However they delay job notifications to non-paying members

Babel Translation Jobs Babel Translation Jobs
Babel Translation Jobs is a group on Yahoo open for all

Translation Depot Translation Depot
Translation Depot is a group on Yahoo and it is open for all

Translatorsbase Translatorsbase
Translatorsbase calls themselves an online registry of translators an agencies, but they also charge.

GlobalOrders GlobalOrders
GlobalOrders is one of the newer sites, so let's see how they perform. They don't have many jobs yet and their graphics and layout is not very good, but on the upside... they are free of charge... so far

GoTranslators GoTranslators
GoTranslators restricts non-paying members

Language123 Language123
Language123 restricts communication between clients and non-paying members.

ProZ ProZ
ProZ works like a treat and is a source of many assignments. This is the site to be a member of if you consider the return of investment. Delays notifications to non-paying members

Aquarius Aquarius
Aquarius, strive to be the market leader in online translation outsourcing for translators, translation agencies and industry clients. Source: www.lingualizer.net