Thursday, June 17, 2010

Portable CAT & USBTRANS is a website where you can download portable translation applications for use on a USB-stick. The software selections is also indicated on the website. This may help translators take some useful applications anywhere to work without installing...
It may be downloaded here:

On a pc with a preinstalled operating system from the market leader you can find a lot of free applications to use for your translation work (FOSS = free and open source software). We propose a collection of the following applications (please download USBTrans):
  • Office (text processing, presentation, spreadsheet, database): Open Office
  • PDF: Sumatra PDF-Reader
  • WWW-Browser: Mozilla Firefox
  • Calendar: Mozilla Sunbird
  • HTML Editor: Kompozer
  • Website-Download: WinHTTrack
  • Translation Memory: OmegaT
  • TM Alignment: BiText2TMX, AlignAssist
  • Translation File Management: Max Utilities
  • Translation File Management: Enlaso Tools
  • Concordancer: TextStat
  • Concordancer: AntConc
  • Terminology Management: Foreign-Desk TermBase
  • Concept Systems and Hierarchies: CMap Lite
  • Mindmaps and Hierarchies: Freemind
  • Video Subtiling: SubTitleWorkshop
  • Video Subtiling: Jubler
  • Project Management: OpenProj
  • File Management: muCommander
  • Reference Management: JabRef
  • Reference Management: Zotero
  • Password Management: KeePass
  • AntiVirus ClamWin
  • CD/DVD: InfraRecorder
  • Video, Audio: MPlayer, Audacity
  • Image Management: Irfanview
  • Unit Conversion: ConvertAll
Please download the USBTrans compressed file, extract and copy it to a USB stick of at least 1 GB and you can use the applications without installation of any kind. Source:

Some interesting tools can be found here: and here: