Thursday, August 11, 2011

12 articles on how to get more referrals

While some articles provide similar advice, each piece has at least one unique tip hidden inside. Check out all 12 and build a referral strategy that can explode your business.
1. The Freelancer’s Guide to Increasing Referral Business
This FreelanceSwitch article starts things off by covering a few reasons why referrals are so great and then gets into 12 solid tips and tactics that you can use to improve the amount of referrals in your freelance business. Two of the gems: asking for client feedback to determine your area of expertise and building a competitive advantage over the rest of the market.
2. Get More Referrals by Asking
This article flips the typical referral script on it’s head and states, “Give and You Shall Receive.” Read more to learn how to make giving a habit and generating referrals a frequent event.
3. How to Get More Referrals & Find Strategic Business Partners with John Jantsch
This 30 minute web show is run by HubSpot and they interview the author of Referral Engine, John Jantsch. John shares all sorts of information about generating referrals for your business in this excellent interview. Two of my favorites include the number one reason why businesses get referrals and the strategy to use to discover what makes your business remarkable and will get people talking.
4. How to Ask for Referrals and Get More Clients
This article is all about how to ask for referrals. It covers real scripts that you can reuse for your freelance business and put into practice today. This article also comes with a list of tips and suggestions to keep in mind when you get ready to ask for a referral.
5. How to get referrals
This throwback article is a hidden gem in Seth Godin’s archive. As only Seth can, he reminds us that referrals aren’t really about our business, but about the customer. Check it out and discover his sage advice on how to make referrals about the only person who matters: the client.
6. How to Get More Referrals
This article covers a crucial aspect of generating freelance referrals: how to get more referrals by taking control of the process and developing a sustainable referral system.
7. How a freelance marketer built her business with referrals
Gail Keith is a successful freelance marketer who left the corporate world almost a decade ago. In this story, she shares how she built her freelance business from the ground up with referrals. You’ll also find 3 specific techniques that you can use to increase the number of referrals you get.
8. How to finesse 156% more referrals
This down-to-earth article covers the typical process of asking for a referral. However, it also covers a not-so-typical — but oh so critical — suggestion of thanking the referrer.
9. How to Ask for a Referral Without Sounding Like a Jerk
This article shares a brief story of a brilliant freelancer who lost his chance for a referral and then shows you what you can do to prevent the same fate happening to you. Don’t miss this short read on how to get more referrals.
10. Attn Freelance Writers: How to Get More Work from Existing Clients
This article is targeted towards freelance writers, but many of the principles will be useful for all freelancers. If you’re interested in learning how to get more business from your existing clients, then this article is for you.
11. 5 Keys to Building Referral Business
This article focuses on web designers and developers, but once again, the principles are sound advice for all freelancers. This piece also raises good points about the ease of contact that you should provide if you want people to refer your work. There are also a few decent points in the comments of this article that highlight the areas freelancers are really struggling with.
12. 15 Tips for Getting Client Referrals to Grow Your Freelance Business
This article from American Writers and Artists, Inc. is filled with 15 tips to help you create a strategy that can generate a stream of referrals in your freelance business. The first tip might be the most important: set a referral goal for each month. If you make referrals a priority, then you’ll discover how to get more referrals much more quickly.
Source: Freelance Switch