About me

Leon Tiberiu Cristian is a translator and interpreter for German, English and Romanian, based in Brasov, Romania, interested in translation practice and technology.

Translation services from and into English, German, French and Romanian and other international languages on request.
- Usage of the latest translation applications and translation memory tools for the computer-aided translation process, quality assurance tools terminology management tools.
- Usage of translation applications (CAT tools): Trados, StarTransit, MemoQ, Across and Wordfast.
- Usage of online and offline specialized dictionaries to ensure the proper terminology.
- Terminology concordance by using the same terms within a given project.
- On request use customer terminology or reuse old translations by aligning the terminology and creating a new translation memory for the customer.
- Use of customer software if necessary for special tasks or file extensions.
- Support for the most common file formats!
Certified and sworn translator by the Ministry of Justice of Romania.
Experienced translator in the language combinations:
English—Romanian German—Romanian
Romanian— English Romanian— German
Native Romanian speaker.
Curriculum Vitae
Other language combinations on request!


All domains, mainly technical translations…
Use of Computer Aided translation software such as Trados, Across, Wordfast and StarTransit and other translation memory and terminology tools.
Conference interpretation.
Assistance as a sworn translator by the notary public.
You can watch a consecutive interpretation sample.
Subtitling for different kinds of marketing material.
Conversion between formats, separate subtitle file or directly on-screen.
Software localization.


Cerval SRL
Translation office from Braşov, Romania
E-mail: traduceri_cerval@yahoo.com
Aurelia Heilwagen, Germany
Freelance translator based in Germany
E-mail: CAHeilwagen@t-online.de
Integralis SRL Translation office from Bucharest, Romania
E-mail: andreimicu@hotmail.com
Kess SRL Translation office from Braşov, România
E-mail: traducerikess@yahoo.com
Syntax Trad SRL Translation office from Bucharest, Romania
E-mail: office@syntaxtrad.ro
Tradoxfast SRL Translation office from Braşov, Romania
E-mail: office@tradoxfast.com
VertconL SRL Translation office from Braşov, Romania
E-mail: vertconl@itcbv.ro
Tetras SRO, Germany Translation office with office in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia


Autocorrect for English – OpenOffice extension
List of autocorrect entries for the English language.
This list is based on the list of common misspellings from Wikipedia:
Version 1.0.0 contains only the entries from the Wiki page (about 4000).
Version 1.0.1 contains also the entries from the original autocorrect file supplied with Open Office, so that the original OOO file may be replaced.
License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0
Autocorrect for Romanian – OpenOffice extension
List of autocorrect entries for the Romanian language.
It supports common typing errors and also provides the user with immediate corrections of words typed without the Romanian diacritics.
1.0.1 – “commabellow” version.
1.0.0 – “cedilla” version.
License: GPLv3
Romanian Diacritics – OpenOffice extension
Adds a template with a new toolbar and add-on menu for Romanian diacritics…
Inserts Romanian diacritics with commabellow or cedilla versions, converts from commabellow to cedilla versions and viceversa, replaces all Romanian diacritics to standard ASCII characters…
License: GPLv3
Personal projects:
Online Dictionary – German, English, Romanian
Search in the online dictionary for free…


Lungă Str. No 82, Braşov, Romania
Phone: 0729 947926 / 0722801618, Tel/Fax: 0368 809885
Fax: 0368 809885
E-mail: letconex@yahoo.de