Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Resources for interpreting students

Training resources
- Speech repository
An e-learning tool which contains a collection of speeches organised by language, difficulty level, type of use, and subject.
Access is granted to:
- Universities
- Candidates preparing for an inter-institutional test or an open competition
- Professional interpreters
- Other international organisations that train interpreters
- Interpreter Training Resources
This page contains a wide variety of resources to help students acquire the necessary skills to become conference interpreters.
- Online Resources in Conference Interpreter Training (ORCIT)
ORCIT is an EU-funded project producing interactive pedagogic tools for trainers and students of conference interpreting. Lessons are in English and Lithuanian.
- Documents and Terminology
Follow this link to expand your knowledge in terminology and documents that are used in many meetings in EU institutions and members states.
- Speech bank
A collection of websites containing political speeches.
- Multimedia reference on the history of Europe
Almost 3000 sound and video clips available in the Media Library
European Union media
- EC Audiovisual Service
The audiovisual portal of the European Commission. Live events are generally covered in the original language plus simultaneous interpretation into all Community languages when available.
- Europarl TV
Europarl TV, the official web TV of the European Parliament. With four channels in 22 languages, Europarl TV provides live speeches and interpretation.
- Council LIVE
Live and on-demand streaming from the Council of the European Union.
- Multimedia press rooms
All online press rooms within the EU institutions are listed here, giving electronic access to press releases, speeches, statements, briefings and other press material.
- http://www.dolmetscher-berlin.blogspot.com/
A blog in German coming to you straight from the interpreting booth. It contains interesting posts on conference interpreting and interpreting on film sets
- http://www.bootheando.com/
A Spanish blog of a conference interpreter working for a European Institution
- http://interpreter.blogs.se/
A blog by a conference interpreter, who teaches interpreting and is a PhD student in interpreting studies
- http://programadondelenguas.blogspot.com/
A radio blog in Spanish by Department of Translation and Interpretation at the University of Salamanca
- http://theinterpreterdiaries.com/
A brand-new blog written by a freelance interpreter at the EU institutions and interpreter trainer
- http://www.lexiophiles.com/
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