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Localization Information

Software Localization
Catalyst Software localization tool. Product description and CATALYST Translator/Lite download (previously known as QuickShip).
Language Studio Software localization tool. C++ and VB source files. Available in 3 versions (Standard, Pro and Enterprise)
Microsoft LocStudio Unfortunately not available to the public but probably the most powerful of them all.
Multilizer Software localization tool; different file formats supported; TMX memories from other translation tools can be imported and used; 30-day evaluation version (fully functional) available.
SDL Insight Software localization tool from SDL International. See also section Tools (Translation Memory and other)
PASSOLO Software localization tool. Demo version available. Interface to Trados and Star. Optional add-ins: .NET, Delphi, Java, XML (incl. XLIFF). Customization using automation and scripting possible.
RC-WinTrans Software localization tool. Limited demo version available. Supported fily types include .exe, .dll, .ocx, .ini. properties, shl.
Visual Localize Software localization tool. C++ and VB applications, XML and databases.
Lingobit Localizer Software localization tool from Lingobit Technologies.
Sisulizer Software localization tool.

(Translation Memory
Dejá Vù CAT (Computer Aided Translation)
SDLX CAT tool. Now part of SDLTrados 2006 which bundles Trados and SDLX.
across CAT tool by Ahead Software AG
Transit (Transit XV) CAT tool by Star
Wordfisher Cheap CAT tool that does almost everything for you if you only work in Word files. Targeted mainly at the freelance translator. Simulates Trados.
Trados CAT tool. Now part of SDLTrados 2006 which bundles Trados and SDLX.
Heartsome XLIFF Translation Editor CAT tool. Also available as Translation Suite with some other tools, e.g. TMX Editor and Dictionary Editor.
Wordfast CAT tool. Wordfast is a Translation Memory engine available for Microsoft Word on PC and Mac.

Machine Translation
Systran This is also the engine that is behind Babelfish at AltaVista.
Transcend Machine Translation Engine from SDL International (engine behind Enterprise translation server also available. As all MT engines, this is only useful if it's highly customized and the source language is controlled.
Personal Translator Machine translation software by Linguatec. Personal and corporate highly customizable versions available.
Reverso MT software by Softissimo
Comprendium MT technology developed by Sail Labs; formerly T1 (Langenscheidt); historically this is the result of the development of METAL

Avral Tramigo Flash localization solution for Macromedia® Flash™ professionals and translators.
Click here for more information.
ApSIC Comparator ApSIC Comparator is a freeware tool that allows you to create side-by-side reports with all the changes made to a translation by a reviewer. Trados bilingual "uncleaned" files (.doc and .rtf), Trados TagEditor files (.ttx), and SDLX files (.itd) are supported.
HelpQA, HTMLQA, ToolProof QA tools for RTF help, HTML help and localized software resources. Not sure where they are on SDL's current website. The links above are old and do not seem to be supported any longer.
UniTerm Terminology Management System by Acolada (former EPP and Alpnet Technology)
Java Internationalization and Localization Toolkit 2.0 The JavaTM Internationalization and Localization ToolKit (Java I18n/L10n ToolKit) is no longer supported by Sun but still available for download from the archive area at Sun.
Lingoport's Globalyzer LingoPort’s Globalyzer provides an ideal solution for developers and QA engineers who must internationalize new and existing software applications. Globalyzer scans code to locate and report potential internationalization issues.
Globalization Image Assistant This is a tool designed for localizers, translators, project managers and other language professionals. It facilitates rapid analysis, classification, reporting and QA of images that are part of a localization or globalization project.
Restorator Customization, localization, and translation tool for Windows resources of applications and application components.
Translation tools by AIT AIT (Advanced International Translations) produces several tools for the translation industry: Translation Office 3000 (Accounting tool), AnyCount (Counting tool), Projetex (project management software) and CATCount
MadCap Flare Leading help authoring tool by MadCap Software.
ECM Engineering Filter tools by ECM Engineering, e.g. for Visio, Illustrator, etc.
Heartsome freeware Some freeware tools from Heartsome, e.g. RTF Styler, CSV Converter (creation of TMX files from CSV files) or TBX Converter.

Ectaco Electronic Dictionaries Large selection of electronic and handheld dictionaries, dictionaries for pocket PCs, etc.
Computer Currents High-Tech Dictionary Computer dictionary in English, contains explanation of HTML-tags or domain suffixes, file types, Y2K terms, chat stuff & emoticons; User friendly dictionary/thesaurus that also knows answers to non-technical stuff.
IATE InterActive Terminology for Europe. The EU inter-institutional terminology database system. Combines the following legacy databases: Eurodicautom (Commission), TIS (Council), Euterpe (EP), Euroterms (Translation Centre), CDCTERM (Court of Auditors).
FOLDOC Another computer dictionary (free on-line dictionary of computing)
OneLook Dictionary Search Search dictionary web sites for words and phrases. Meta Dictionary Search Engine.
TechEncyclopedia For free. Detailed tech articles.
Roche Medical Dictionary An indispensable resource if you translate medical texts from German into English Numerous links to dictionaries and other linguistic stuff. Maybe one of the best link collections up-to-date. Seems to be an extensive and easy-to-use dictionary and thesaurus for en > de and de > en. Just type in your word and click "Suchen". You can also install a toolbar directly into your browser.

Acronym and Abbreviation Server Search for acronyms and abbreviations (meaning, context)
Commando Glossary on internet and data transmission
Interest Verlag Glossary on telecommunication not available for free any more.
Microsoft terminology The Microsoft glossaries have been replaced by one concise file that now includes approx. 9000 English terms and translations in up to 45 languages. Not every term has been translated into all languages. It's still for free and a must for any IT translator.
SUN glossaries Sun glossary tool 2.0. Register for free and get access to many glossaries from Sun. A MUST for any software translator.
Netlingo Glossary of internet terms (in English)
Netzwerkers Lexikon Data transmission and telecommunication terms
Novell Glossaries by Novell: Translation Style Guides, Netware Translations, Groupware Translations, LAN Glossary, etc. downloads in several languages available; Technology glossary with good search facility
Online glossary by IDS Scheer Online glossary in German from IDS Scheer AG - an excellent resource for definitions on E-Business, Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management
IBM terminology (glossaries) Most of the IBM glossaries collected in one location.
elektroniknet Electronics glossary in German Financial glossary

Terminology / Linguistics
International Standard Date and Time Notation (summary by Markus Kuhn) Very helpful for web designers and software engineers who deal with the internationalization of web sites and software. (ISO 8601)
JavaTM Look and Feel Design Guidelines, 2nd edition Style Guide for creating cross-platform Java applications and Java applets. You may order the full printed edition here.
Ethnologue Contains information on probably all languages of the world;
Animal Sounds Translation of animal sounds
Anglicisms and translation traps Translation mistakes and false friends (e.g. genie)
Institut für deutsche Sprache Incl. a page on the Rechtschreibreform and Microsoft contributions to the Neologismenwörterbuch, – a lot on linguistics
Deutsches Institut für Terminologie Terminology infos, very good bibliography
LETRAC Language Engineering for Translators Curricula (a lot of theory)
TERMITE Extensive database that contains terms on 'international telecommunication', Search in English, French, Spanish or Russian.
Terminology Forum Good link collection on terminology topics (general, many languages)
Merriam Webster Language Center (dictionary/thesaurus, etc.)
Terminology Information System (TIS) Terminology database of the European Union (incl. search function)

A Practical Guide to Localization Update of the classic by Bert Esselink. Second fully updated and revised edition available. Updates available here.
Mac localization and internationalization Information on the Apple website: this encompasses a collection of Mac OS X technologies and resources developers can use to internationalize or localize their applications.
Sapient - Translation is not enough. Considerations for global Internet development. Report from Sapient on an approach for global Internet development
Software Testing and Internationalization Free copy for download from the LISA website. Book by Manfred Rätzmann and Clinton De Young. Published by Lemoine International
Multilingual Web site to the print edition (by Language Technology Research Center)
Translation Agencies TRANFREE, free E-Zine with lots of interesting stuff on translation.
The Guide to Translation and Localization (Lingo Systems) You must register to get your free copy of this localization guide (...easy-to-read summary of translation and localization processes).
Microsoft (The Localization Process...) The Localization Process: Globalizing Your Code and Localizing Your Site. Very interesting article from the guys that really know how to handle localization. Microsoft TechNet – what more can you say?
Microsoft on internationalization and globalization of an application Globalization Step-by-Step. Overview (for project managers) as well as details that are interesting for developers and engineers.
Microsoft - Localization (Design Specifications and Guidelines) This article section summarizes some of the key design considerations regarding the localization of software.
Lionbridge Knowledge Center The Knowledge Center features articles and white papers on localization and translation topics.
Flash Localization Check put the producers' website (Macromedia) for their instructions on best practices for Flash localization.
The Tool Kit A computer newsletter for translators.

General Info
Open Internationalization Resources Directory Link search engine only on internationalization/localization, etc.
Localisation Research Centre Infos, workshops, meetings, and a free quarterly newsletter (Localisation Focus)
Silicon Valley Localization Forum ...all about loc...a lot of extensive articles, also interesting for developers
iLove Languages Formerly "The Human Languages" page. General info and links on languages and linguistics.
AArdon Germanleads Extensive link collection of translation resources.

Aquarius-number one in translation Database for translators; job offers, a lot of forums and contacts to colleagues and clients
ProZ Well structured database; job offers, contacts and help on translation questions includes translator database, knowledge base, news on industry events... worth to check this out
Institute of Translation and Interpretation Association of practicing translators and interpreters in the UK. (UK equivalent of ATA in the US or BDÜ in Germany)
International Federation of Translators Meetings, conferences, information for freelancers (law/contracts)
SFT - Société francaise des traducteurs French translator and interpreter database
Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer BDÜ German Interest group of translators and interpreters, extensive database with an exact search function
ATA - American Translators Association American translators' organisation, links to other American translation organisations; ATA-journal Chronicle online available; job offers
Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti Italian translators' association - Italian equivalent of ATA or BDÜ
Associação Portuguesa de Tradutores Portuguese translators' association - Portuguese equivalent of ATA or BDÜ
Swedish Association of Professional Translators (SFÖ) Swedish translators' association - Swedish equivalent of ATA or BDÜ
Tekom Gesellschaft für technische Kommunikation
TranslationDirectory Portal for freelancers: translation jobs, work from home, language projects, database of translation agencies, translation resources, etc.

Organizations/Educational Resources
Lisa The Localisation Industry Standards Association
ELECT Online Localisation/internationalisation portal. A portal that catalogues links to localisation information, companies, publications and projects. Also contains the latest news and events, and a vast professional directory listing hundreds of localisation companies.
GALA Globalization and Localization Organization. Rather new (founded in April 2002) international industry association.
Localization World Conference Annual event for the localization community.
Localization Institute Seminars and training for localization professionals. Probably the best in training/education that is currently available.
I18N inc. Internationalization workshops and training available. The people behind I18N inc. also teach internationalization at the University of Montreal and hold various workshops at LISA conferences, etc.
University of Limerick Graduate Diploma in Software Localisation after a one year course.
California State University, Chico Localization Program that leads to a "Certification in Localization".